hi. i'm megan (mee-gan), but often go by my nickname charley star.   those two creatures below, along with their older sister who is missing from the photo (because, 9 year olds) are the spark of my days. 

i am a mother. a wife. an artist. i've had a winding journey to get here, and at some point along the way i picked up a camera.  it's all been awesome, the ups and the downs. 

i love photographing children. mothers. women. families. i have photographed for private commissions, commercial jobs, and editorial.  i also photograph weddings + occasions. 

i am drawn to faces-- their beauty, their stories.  i have yet to photograph a face I didn't fall in love with. some of the portraits i find most beautiful are those where the subjects boldly and unselfconsciously wear their truth, allow themselves to be seen.  i think, perhaps, that is why i love photography. it helps me to see more deeply than I am normally able to. my hope is that my photographs will help others to see more deeply as well.

i am drawn to childhood. the truth and fullness of it. i am into capturing it's magic, but not manipulating the moment into some saccharine stereotype. i am wary of over-wrought editing that pulls out too much sentiment and becomes a stereotypical imitation of the genre. i don't want my photographs to feel like a genre of anything. i want them to feel artful. i  want them to be honest. 

i do not mean to imply that I don't shoot or edit my photos for aesthetic. i do. But I aim for artistry.  i hope at least part of the time I hit that goal. what i really hope is that my photographs will make you perceive more fully the beauty in the everyday, in the quotidian.

i sometimes shoot weddings. i used to shoot them all the time. if you googled me you'd probably find my work in most of the major wedding blogs, mags, books, blah blah blah. the point is, i worked with amazing creatives and couples who inspired me to better myself. for that i am grateful. i was a very happy doing that for a while. then i had my third child and had to take a break for a bit.

i am into large format prints.  i'm into experimenting-- digital, film, cyanotypes, holgas, hasseys, and land cameras. though for clients, i mostly shoot digital.

i am into poetry. i am into clouds, mark nepo and rumi.  i am into holding hands and the ocean. i am into quiet mornings (though, those are rare), coffee, and laughter. 

i shoot several ongoing art projects for myself. you can check them out here if you're interested. 

i am into seeing my friends soar, and learning from and being inspired by them. i am into connection, and capturing it with my camera. i believe in the power of hope, faith and love.  i am into growing, learning, and doing.  but sometimes, nothing beats a good lazy lounge day!

i have way too many instagram accounts. the verdict is still out on whether or not i'm into this. :)

i don't think your child smiling will make a better or worse photo. unless, of course, you told them to smile. then it will. it will make a worse photo. so don't do that. :)

if we decide to work together, I will aim to give you images that are classic, beautiful, emotional, and artistic.  some have called my work poetic. i'll take that as a compliment.

if you'd like to chat about a session or discuss collaborating in some way, use the form below or email me direct at hello@charleystarphoto.com

thanks for stopping by!
xxo, charley

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Select Publications and Online:
Brides Magazine
People Magazine
Cosmopolitan, Japan Magazine
In-Style Magazine
PDN Magazine
C Weddings Magazine
Green Wedding Shoes
Once Wed
100 Layer Cake
100 Layer Cakelet
Martha Stewart Weddings
Style Unveiled
Inspired By This
Utterly Engaged
Style Me Pretty Weddings by Abby Larson, Published by Clarkson Potter, 2012
New Fashioned Wedding by Paige Appel and Kelly Harris, Published by Rizzoli, 2012

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The Great Jane
The Village Magazine
Wild and Free Magazine
Secret Weapon Advertising

Honors and Awards
PDN, Top Knots Contest, 2011:  1st Place Winner, Candids category
PDN, Top Knots Contest, 2010:  Finalist, Portraits category
Wallflower “Friends” Contest, 2nd Place Win

TxtMe, curated by Leisa Austin, 2016
Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA), Santa Ana, CA

Dreams and More, curated by Ann George, 2016
SEC4P (South East Center for Photography), Greenville, SC

Summertime, curated by Aline Smithson, 2011
Duncan Miller Projects, Santa Monica, CA

Snap to Grid, 2007
LACDA, Los Angeles, CA

Open Call, 2004
Barnsdall Art Center, Los Angeles, CA

e-Girls, 2004      
LACDA, Los Angeles, CA